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Stainless Steel Portable Thin Meat Cutting

1. It can cut fresh meat into slice and strips. If processing different thick meat, just install the corresponding cutter. The cutter gap is customizable. Easy-to-use operation, convenient washing and dismounting, time and labour saving.
2. Application: medium-scale restaurants, catering chains, meat processing industry, school and factory canteens.

Structure Features:
1. Blades are made of special steel products, with hardness of 52, durable in use.
2. Cutter is adopted external hanging design. The revolving speed of rotating part is changed by turbine.
3. Inside the machine exists safety switch. When cutter exposure outside, it locks automatically to ensure safety.
4. At the bottom of machine exist wheels, moving flexibly and using conveniently.

Name Vertical Small Meat Cutter
Type QE
Voltage 220V/110V
Power 550W
Cutting thickness 2.5mm-20mm
Weight 37KG
Dimension 530*320*680MM
Output 500kg/hour



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