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Newin QV 800KG/H Floor Butchery Meat cutting machine

Meat Slicing Machine can cut fresh and cooked meat into slices and strips. If you need cut different thick meat, just install the corresponding cutter. The cutter gap is customizable. Easy-to-use operation, convenient washing and dismounting, time and labour saving. Suitable for home use, small-scale catering ,meat processing industry, especially school and factory’s small canteen.

Safety Use
With its emergency stop button and safety cover, this one is truly a remarkable option to consider. Nevertheless, this machine will never ever start working without cover or having the cover set in the right position. The machine could still be stopped immediately if urgent situation arises.

Mini Shape
This machine can be placed exactly anywhere that you want to operate it. This is very convenient and small to place to the floor or to the table. Instead of choosing for other options of meat cutter, it is a lot better to consider our meat cutting machine.

Very Easy to Operate
This is somehow easy for you to operate. This can be used right after the power is on. The machine is also easy for you to use to cut the meat or to slice it in cube. It cuts all kinds of sliced meat, fresh meat, diced meat and shredded meat.

Beautiful Stainless Steel Body and Blade
With its beautiful stainless steel body and blade, this is just a remarkable option of meat cutter to consider. This is made of stainless steel and of blade material. This does not also poison the meat.
With all the features and benefits that Easy Operation Stainless Steel Meat Cutting Machine can offer, expect it further that it can be a beautiful and safe choice for you. This is also highly efficient and this is just a good helper when it comes to meat processing.


Advantages: Remove the tool, do not clean directly placed 6 degrees Celsius in the refrigerator, the tool does not smell meat.

Main Features

1. Blades are made of special steel products, with hardness of 52, durable in use.
2. Cutter is adopted external hanging design. The revolving speed of rotating part is changed by turbine.
3. Inside the machine exists safety switch. When cutter exposure outside, it locks automatically.


Main performance parameters
Cutting thickness
Processing capacity
Motor voltage
Motor Power
750W/ 550W

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