DEMB03 Ricoma RCM150TC-7S 15 Needles




Ricoma RCM -1501TC-7S Embroidery Machine

Industrial Embroidery, Semi-Industrial Embroidery



Single Head

15 Needles


Suitable for flat embroidery, cap embroidery and finished garment embroidery, it’s tough enough for both commercial and industrial machine embroidery and can embroider on almost anything – from t-shirts to caps and even shoes!

Something to take note of with regards to the RiCOMA embroidery machine is from the RiCOMA 6, 12 and 15 needle single heads, the 15 needle RiCOMA embroidery machines (both touch screen and LCD screen) are the only embroidery machines currently being imported from the USA.

The 6 and 12 needle single-head embroidery machines can be ordered for import. Please contact us, should you wish to consider this.

Embroidery Area of RiCOMA Embroidery Machine
The RiCOMA embroidery machine boasts of the largest embroidery area of any embroidery machine (sized 550x350mm) sold by Creative Notions.

For machine embroidery on large items such as bed linen, an optional 1.2mx350mm large border frame and extended table is available for purchase.

Stitch Features
Frames and stitches are crucial for fast project turnaround. And here the RiCOMA does not fail with its incredible 1,200 stitches per minute and an amazing 2,000,000 stitch memory.

Threading System
The RiCOMA embroidery machine is equipped with 15 needles which allows you to embroider with 15 different colours. The machine cuts the threads once done with one colour and moves to another thread automatically. And with the built-in thread break detection sensor, machine embroidery becomes breeze.

The RiCOMA embroidery machine has one of the largest variety and amount of frames included with your purchase, with a few optional extra frames available, should you wish to embroider on belts or shoes.

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